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It’s never been easier to shed friendships which is precisely why we need new strategies to keeping them strong.

Hello there! My name is Anna. I’m a journalist, author and speaker. Called “The New York Times’ friendship correspondent”, my work explores the nuances of friendships, relationships, and pop psychology. I’ve reported for outlets including The New York Times, The Atlantic, Time, Vice, The Cut, Vox, and The Washington Post.

I will help you understand why your friendships look like a garbage heap. Here’s a photo of me explaining friendship mechanics to a coven in the woods:

woman holding book and fire
How to make friendships amazing with this one easy trick. (Hint: it’s a spell). Cauldron sold separately. Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

I’ve spoken with hundreds of people and countless experts to bring you a truly revolutionary book that I believe will change your life.

You may be skeptical. You may think, Anna, I already have this friendship thing figured out. Why would I want to read your research-backed tips and wise advice about navigating modern friendships?

Well, honestly, this book and newsletter may not be for you. If you’ve ever appeared in a photo shoot in a pumpkin patch with a gaggle of behatted women, then yeah, maybe you don’t need my two cents.

Could you imagine how chaotic the group text organizing this photo must’ve been??

But if you feel like have both 100 friends and zero friends, MODERN FRIENDSHIP is for you. If you haven’t seen your best friend in four months and don’t know when you’ll see her next, this book IS for you. If your close friend never replies to your text messages (we all seem to have one of those, right?), this book is for you. If you’re still heartbroken over a friendship breakup from your past and can’t seem to fully heal, this book is DEFINITELY for you.

Modern friendship is about choice, time and attention because modern life is all about how we choose to spend our time and what we give our attention to. Understanding why we give our attention to one friend over another and, conversely, who draws us close and why –– that’s what my content will help you see.

How do I know my research-backed paradigms work? Well, my friendships have never been stronger. I’m living this knowledge day-in and day-out. I’m proof that Wholehearted Friendship is achievable for anyone. If I –– a self-absorbed middle-aged cat mom –– can make these strategies work for me then anyone can make these strategies work for them too.

Please share this newsletter with anyone who you think will benefit from these conversations. Thank you for sticking around and supporting my writing. It means to the world to me!

Your buddy,

Anna “The Friendship Explainer” Goldfarb

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My book, MODERN FRIENDSHIP, is available for pre-order anywhere book are sold. Packed with cutting-edge social science, actionable strategies and engaging exercises, MODERN FRIENDSHIP is a step-by-step guide to understanding the fundamental mechanics of friendship. This knowledge will liberate you from the prison of self-doubt. A 14-day Wholehearted Friendship Cleanse is included with the book so you can make impactful changes quickly. If you enjoy this newsletter, I think you’ll dig the book too.

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From the "New York Times’ friendship correspondent,” journalist and author Anna Goldfarb explains the mechanics of friendships through a pop culture lens.


Anna Goldfarb

Called “The New York Times’ friendship correspondent”, Anna has reported for outlets including The New York Times, The Atlantic, TIME, Vox, Vice and more. Her forthcoming book, MODERN FRIENDSHIP (out June 2024) is available for pre-order now.